BULKTOBER: 30 days of discipline.

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Okay – so, I’ve had this going for a couple years in my peer group and I figured this year, I’d run it kind of like The Wedge. For a few years, I’ve been helping first responders figure out how to design better goals. If we whittle down our ambitions to their core, it’s the aim that designates our actions. The Wedge is a program I sent out to the internet at large that reflects on journaling, fitness, methods for learning and more. This October, I’m going to run a slimmed down version of that program called, fittingly, BULKTOBER.

The joke that resides behind that title is about my path through figuring out fitness. I’ve gone through spats of lifting, heavy focus on fighting and most recently, a training block centered on long-distance running. BULKTOBER suggests drinking whole milk and squatting heavy, but for the folks who sign up to take on 30 days of discipline in our little closed-group experiment, it’s more about thinking bigger than filling out the chest on your tee shirts.

Aiming Correctly

A couple months ago, I was invited to speak at an event for the CMHA’s Mental Health Week. There, I showcased the US Army’s Big 4 Tools of Mental Readiness (read our article on that system here). Among them, ‘goal setting’ is seen as the capstone tool for progression in all things. I’ve taken the explaination for what ‘aiming at the highest possible good’ looks like from Jordan Peterson. Instead of rehashing that in text, get it from the man himself below;

When speaking with the folks from the health centre who hosted the talk, I really enjoyed seeing the reaction to this idea. I could see people in the audience ‘waking up’ to the notion that they too could find an aim worthy of chasing. And not just chasing for themselves. Everything we do ought to be rooted in some net positive that we can align with our own story. But, aimed correctly, you should be able to find a way for your ambitions to sync with your family. And maybe, your community. Hell, I’d argue that if you aim high enough (and you ought to), you can pursue something that could be a net positive for you, your family, your community and maybe the world – for all of history and beyond.

People have done it. People just like you.

So, this October, we’re set to embark on a challenge. Not one of physical might or mental prowess specifically, though all challenges probably reflect those parts of you. We’re going to aim high and execute.

If you want to be a part BULKTOBER; shoot me an email.

Bill Dungey is a volunteer firefighter in Ontario, Canada. He is focused on fitness, mindset development and finding training opportunities to help the fire service make things better.

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