Est. Lockdown 2020

SIXFEET is a federally incorporated not-for-profit organization.

Mission: SIXFEET endevours to equip first responders with training and information toward personal development and operational readiness. 

Vision: SIXFEET will provide information, training opportunities and interpersonal networking for people in service of their community.

A project, a platform and a purpose. SIXFEET was established in 2020 during a nationwide quarantine / lockdown. Where a line was drawn between people who let slip the standards they worked toward and the people who drew upon their spirited strength to continue, our small community was formalized under a banner of hard work and personal discipline.

The ‘gang’ began as a handful of grapplers in a world undone, sparring on some basement mats; six feet under the surface windows of the gym. In time, SIXFEET aims to provide a space for sharing, training and providing field-expedient resources to the risk-aware community of citizens and first-responders alike.

SIXFEET was founded by Bill Dungey, a volunteer firefighter in County of Brant, Ontario., Canada. The imagery behind the brand is meant to remind you that time is finite – make things happen.

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