Below, a chronological list of publications and features from press outlets spans Bill Dungey’s writing and recorded speaking engagements. If you want me to work with you, contact me or link up on IG @sixfoxtrot.

May 2023 – Frontline Forward
Public Speaking: Big 4 Tools for Mental Toughness

May 2023 – CMHA Mental Health Week
Public Speaking: Big 4 Tools for Mental Toughness

January 2023 – Down to Fight Fire Podcast
Recording: Episode 218 – Bill Dungey

December 2022 – FIREHOUSE Magazine
Article: Volunteer View: Taking Trauma Home: Resiliency as a Core Skill

November 2022 – 5-Alarm Task Force Podcast
Recording: Episode 7-3: William “Bill” Dungey – Resilience and ‘The Wedge”

September 2022 – Canadian Association of Fire Chiefs Fire Rescue Conference
Public Speaking: The Wedge – Aggressive Goal Setting for the Fire Service

August 2022 – 5-Tool Firefighter Podcast
Recording: Episode 27: The Wedge with Bill Dungey

July 2022 – Canadian Firefighter Training Week
Article: Bricks in a wall: Resiliency as a core skill in the fire service.

June 2022 – Crackyl Online
Article: Neurochemistry for the Tactical Athlete.

June 2022 – Crackyl Online
Article: Service Means Making Things Better

June 2022 – International Firefighter Magazine
Article: Growing Better Responses to Behavioural Health

May 2022 – Crackyl Magazine
Article: Wellness is a Skill

April 2022 – Firefighting in Canada Magazine
Article: The Wedge

February 2022 – Couplings Fire Podcast
Recording: Episode 44 – The Wedge – with Bill Dungey

December 2021 – International Firefighter Magazine
Article: The Wedge: Aggressive Goal Setting

November 2021 – IgnitedFF Podcast
Recording: Episode 146 – The Wedge with Bill Dungey

October 2021 – Rucks on Parade
Article: The Wedge

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