10for10: Charity Ruck

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What is 10for10?

10for10 is a charity ruck march benefiting Canadian non-profit programs. Each year, we are committed to sending 100% of the donations raised toward this event to a selected non-profit program.

The idea is simple – a 10 dollar donation for a 10KM ruck.

In 2022, we’re rucking for Agnes Hodge Public School.

They have a handful of family-sponsored programs including the breakfast program, athletics and a handful of events through the year. This is the school my son attends and also where my wife is a teacher. I’m trying to run a charity rucking event close to home before we branch out to bigger organizations.

Where and when?


There are two ways you can participate; in-person or virtual.

Our in-person ruck will kick off at 0600, 4 June, 2022 at a specified location in Brantford, Ontario.

We will travel for 16.66 KM and have a good selection of physical tasks along the way.

Our virtual event is a self-guided ruck to be completed on or before 4 June, 2022.

You should travel for a minimum of 10 KM.

What do I need to bring?

Rucking is a simple sport, but requires a little bit of gear to get you moving. The list below is split into REQUIRED gear – stuff that you need to bring, and SUPPLEMENTAL gear – extras that are good to have but not required for participation.

RUCK•ING [VERB] // Walking with a weighted rucksack (aka backpack). It implies action, energy, and purpose. Rucking requires strength, endurance, and character — and builds it, too.

Goruck (goruck.com)


A signed waiver form.

Ruck – Popular standards include 5.11 Rush 12, GoRuck Rucker 3.0.

Water bladder.

Weight – Bricks or plates. Weight standards; 30lbs for anyone weighing 150+ and 20lbs for anyone who weighs less than 150.

Work Gloves – Mechanix seems to be the go-to brand.

Dry Bag – Your ruck may be submerged in water at some point. Having a dry bag in your ruck that has all your gear is a really good idea.

Small ziplock with $20 and ID – Cash is for cab fare if you can’t make it. ID is for emergencies.

Medium ziplock with some snacks – I’ve seen these kind of energy gummies used quite a bit. Bring whatever you think you’re going to need, but don’t bother with ‘real food’ where a quick pre-packaged snack will fit the bill.

Reflective Strap – Either a ‘PT’ style or ‘Dual Band’ style.


Small ziplock with extra socks if you plan on getting wet.

1 weight-bearing carabiner lashed onto your MOLLE webbing.

Soft Shell Jacket.

Blister Kit – train before the event to know if you will need this.

Remember: everything you pack represents extra weight.

What should I expect?

Rucking is a unique activity in that it is as much physical as it is mentally taxing. If you’ve never been on a ruck before, it can be surprising to experience just how much a long-distance weighted walk can play into your mindset.

In-person participants should expect to travel 16.66 kilometers under a weighted ruck with, at times, additional weight. There will also be instances where participants will be expected to perform exercises while encumbered. To prepare for this event, see the final section of this post.

Where do I signup?

How do I get ready?

First – get yourself a ruck here.

For the average person, there are a multitude of online resources for adapting to a ruck-based workout. Some sites have beginner-specific plans that will step you through a week-by-week, progressive program. There are formal programs you can pay for out there, too. At the very root of it, you need to put weight in a backpack and walk with it, then do that a whole bunch more.

You get better at doing the thing by doing the thing.

Ryan Yapsam, National Kickboxing Champion

Rucking, like all things, requires a strong body, a solid mindset and the will to keep stepping forward. Though this event is not positioned to really lay on the body beat-downs like other rucking events, it will test participants nonetheless to push beyond their comfort zone.

Bill Dungey is a volunteer firefighter in Ontario, Canada. He is focused on fitness, mindset development and finding training opportunities to help the fire service make things better.

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