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On SIXFEET eve, I wanted to take a minute to write a short blurb on the overall idea here. Please allow for a ramble.

That is, I’d like to take a minute to discuss why I’m doing this.

I’ve always been a writer. That’s what I was drawn to in school when I was a kid. That’s what I gain good productive feelings from as an adult. I’m also a brand new firefighter.

I’d like to try to document my experience – for a few reasons. First – I’m a techy person and I really like the idea of adding content to the internet. Second, I like building things. This is a project I can sink some time into. Overall, I think I’d like to try to add to the conversation. To make things better.

I’m careful to mention here that this project – in all of it’s derivative forms – is a personal thing specific to me. Not attached to any of the organizations I’m a part of in any way.

Behind the name and iconography of the brand is a simple sort of momento mori.

I’m hoping, over time, to build this platform into something capable of fundraising, providing training opportunities and a few other project ideas. A sort of culmination of stuff I’ve been thinking of over the last few years.

Bill Dungey is a volunteer firefighter in Ontario, Canada. He is focused on fitness, mindset development and finding training opportunities to help the fire service make things better.

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