Paycheck Collectors

“So, why did you join the fire service?” “Who me? Yea, I really don’t wanna be here I just couldn’t find a job… wanted to try it out… it pays good… has

Not My Emergency: Book Review

I grabbed this book on a whim. After I finished Report from Engine Company 82, I just started browsing Amazon for firefighter memoirs to read. Not My Emergency fell into my lap


I've always been a writer. That's what I was drawn to in school when I was a kid.

Building Leaders with Gaming

When I first started thinking about this idea, I hesitated. Whether I like to admit it or not, gaming as a tool for real-world skill development is still a stretch for many.

This is not a hobby.

I've had another idea vetted by more than one person of influence - your involvement in the fire department is sort of like a Lion's Club membership. After taking this in, I've