BULKTOBER: 30 days of discipline.

I'd argue that if you aim high enough (and you ought to), you can pursue something that could be a net positive for you, your family, your community and maybe the world

The Badge

You have the badge? Great. Welcome to the world of fire service learning, hard work, reality, and humility.


Change is a friend of progress. If you want to stay stuck in your ways, that’s fine. Just don’t get mad at the people that are trying to get away from you.

Paycheck Collectors

“So, why did you join the fire service?” “Who me? Yea, I really don’t wanna be here I just couldn’t find a job… wanted to try it out… it pays good… has


Recently I have found myself walking around the fire service taking inventory. Not for the trucks or station supplies, but for myself. Taking inventory of where I am in my career, my


Consider the source, weigh the options, weigh the consequences and then make your choice.