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To know more about the philosophy behind this challenge, see this post; “You don’t need another discipline challenge.” by Bill Dungey

The SIXFEET #unchallenge will take place over the month of January 2024.

There is no list of objectives. There is no award for completing anything.

In most challenges, certain vectors are set as a standard for participants to achieve. 

In the #unchallenge, we’ll look at the system that makes up your operational readiness as a process instead of slicing up chunks of your lifestyle to hopefully create a new motivator out of the positive results from the work invested into specific domains: 

Operational Readiness spans Emotional, Financial, Physical, Intellectual, Social, Occupational, Spiritual, Environmental and Creative aspects of your lifestyle.

Instead of assigning our time, effort, pace and cadence to an arbitrary list of activities, we’re going to narrowly focus on each domain of our readiness individually. In a small group environment, we’ll share our ambitions, help each other put together meaningful goals and thrive inside a social atmosphere where it’s okay to win. 

During the month, time-sensitive tasks will test your grit.

If you hang out with us this month, you’ll be included in our #blackenveloperuckchallenge later in the year. Details for this upcoming event, of course, are not available at this time.

We’re running this challenge on Instagram, so, if you haven’t yet – go follow @sixfoxtrot on IG.

Bill Dungey is a volunteer firefighter in Ontario, Canada. He is focused on fitness, mindset development and finding training opportunities to help the fire service make things better.

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