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Articles surrounding the topics of mindset development, training, responding and living as a first responder.

Building Leaders with Gaming

When I first started thinking about this idea, I hesitated. Whether I like to admit it or not, gaming as a tool for real-world skill development is still a stretch for many. I’ve long held that multiplayer games have a deep opportunity to practice strategy and communication. Tabletop role-playing games let us share the experiences

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Fishing with First Responders: Christine Lapeer

There is mystery in fishing, excitement in not knowing what memory you'll pull up from below.

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Survivorship Bias

Selection bias is the selection of individuals, groups, or data for analysis in such a way that proper randomization is not achieved.

This is not a hobby.

I've had another idea vetted by more than one person of influence - your involvement in the fire department is sort of like a Lion's Club membership. After taking this in, I've

Ode to GoRuck

GoRuck is a different animal. Where other fitness brands bolster a culture that speaks to people wanting to be better, GoRuck mandates it as a standard. That’s the one thing that really